These four walls . . . I call home.

By Benjamin Bielinski
These four walls . . . I call home.

Look around at the four walls in the room your are in right now. 

Now that we have more time to spend in homes maybe we can ask ourselves what we can do to sanctify them. How many images can you see? Are there four? Five? Twenty? Which ones are holy? How many lift the mind and spirit to God? How many motivate to the good? 

So much of our life is spent under the influence of things that pull us away from God, what can we do to counteract their influence? 

A picture is worth a thousand words so maybe during this time of lent we can bring back the influence of God and the saints to our home! 

Today I got a new picture of Blessed Karl, the last of the Holy Roman Emperors. His serene gaze strikes a contrast to the trials that he went through in his life and his peaceful face reminds me, everytime I see it, that life is never so difficult, never so overwhelming that God is not with me!