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catholic art procession pilgrimage
Cimabue’s Madonna Carried in Procession

Well, we got some pleasant news a few days ago about a few of the pieces produced by the Catholic Art Company. One of our patron’s recently went on a little known pilgrimage in El Paso and took with her two of the many paintings she and her husband purchased from us…the Extracts of “Christ the King” and “Queen of Heaven” from the Ghent Altarpiece.

Cristo Rey Mount

These pilgrims carried these paintings with great devotion in a pilgrimage up Cristo Rey Mount in Sunland Park New Mexico on the Feast of Christ the King. The famed Fr. Rodriguez from several years ago, for his stand on Traditional Marriage and Anti-Abortion principles, led this pilgrimage and celebrated mass at the peak where sits at owering Statue of Christ the King. During this mass, we were pleased to see the two pieces this pilgrim brought flanking the altar during Mass.

Why is Catholic Art Important?

Catholic Art that is True, Good and Beautiful is inspiring whether it be in Church or in our home. Yet, art can also inspire us outside of these places, in events or pilgrimages such as this one. Pilgrimages are tremendous ways that especially help us in our interior life, personal discipline, and in asking God for favors or in thanksgiving to Him. Additionally, pilgrimages and processions are also wonderful external acts of Catholic Action. They help ourselves and others recognize what we believe in and what our purpose in this world is.

This is helped by song, vocal prayer, and beautiful banners, statues, and apparently 24″ x 36″ Museum Stretched Canvases :). These externals do not only give us inspiration and vigor in our prayer and sacrifice but show the True, the Good, and the Beautiful to others.

We were sent the link to a beautiful video that was produced by one of the pilgrims. We were so touched by the video and the devotion displayed, that it was only fair to share it with you, our readers. God bless and enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful and very moving. Thank you for making this inspirational art work available to give honor and glory to God.

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