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Contemplation and Art

The relationship between beauty and art and art and contemplation is profound. So much of what makes Art great is the connection that exists between the artist and the truth that he is expressing. Without Truth he cannot create anything great. All that is great must be true and all that is true is profound.  I hear the crowd of modern thinkers already murmuring their objections: Is not truth expressed in modern painting? To this I answer with a smile, sometimes truth is expressed. Grass is green. A painting depicting green grass is a true painting. But this is a simple truth. One that does not even being to approach the magnitude of the Truths that define our profound existence on this planet.

Modern man’s inability to create anything profound is rooted is this very simply fact. The modern artist has no understanding of the profundities that inspired, motivated and drove the artist of bygone ages to create the works that are now recognized the world over for what they are timeless tributes to the God that created him and evidence of man’s highest faculty in action.

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