Welcome to the Catholic Art Company!

The Heritage of Catholics Everywhere

For decades the Catholic home has suffered from the lack of easily accessible art that is at the same time devotional and beautiful. Here at the Catholic Art Company it is our mission to once again connect Catholics everywhere with the art that is their glorious Catholic heritage. Homes can now once again be filled with things that reflect the Faith and instill in the minds of those who dwell there a sense of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.

As we near our website pre-launch on October 12th we will release the first 400 paintings. Each one of these images has been found, carefully restored, and made available in a number of sizes that will be easy to frame or if you choose our museum wrapped canvases you can hang them the moment they arrive at your door. Shipping occurs 7 days after ordering.

Our goal has always been to bring joy to Catholics struggling to find beautiful artwork, that has been produced according to the highest standards of quality. Enjoy!

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